Yet Another Sunday Post

Sorry guys but I’ll write this post in English, you know how it is, when you feel like Englishing, just write it in English :)
It’s raining now, and it has been since yesterday’s evening. It had been a long time since it last rained, and it reminded me howit was to see the things you see all the time suddenly different.

Well enough about rain, though there isn’t really much to say. I’ve been trying to avoid doing anything university-related for this last two days, I don’t want to be more tired at the end of the holidays than I was at the beginning. It’s been kind of hard, since when you are doing trivial things like reading some forgotten blogs or playing some game or talking with someone, guilt creeps upon you, guilt that says “why aren’t you studying now? you have four exams ahead”.

That being said, I’ll lay out my current home-cultural activity (since the city has not much culture to offer, and I don’t have much will to hunt for it)

Concerning music, I’ve been liking more and more Les Cowboys Fringants (their album Break Syndical is amazing, and En Berne turned out to be a very good song) and Rilo Kiley (The Absence of God makes me feel really comfortable, totally recommended). At the same time I’ve found out that I don’t like Josh Woodward‘s songs that much, they’re not my style, although Inertia and Memorized are ok.

In the TV shows side, a bit of The Simpsons and ol’ beloved and almost forgotten Daria (lalala you’re standing on my neck… you’re standing on my neck!), I remembered how cool that show was.
In the movie front there’s been no action in the last weeks.

“What about books?” you ask (well probably you don’t, but let me think you do), well, I started reading A Tale of Two Cities a couple of days ago, and realised Mr. Dickens was funnier than I had imagined, though the vocabulary used is pretty complex.
I’m also reading about Knowledge Engineering, a very interesting subject, but from a not so interesting book, so we’ll see what happens.

Pesadilla de Segundo Cuatrimestre

And that’s pretty much all there is, I went back to reading xkcd, seeing some good photos taken by this guy and taking my own, with the low quality you can always expect from me, of course :)




Plaza de los naranjos

Plaza de los naranjos



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